Title Loan

Title Loans (also known as car title loans) are the easiest way to get cash in a hurry! Why? Because there is no credit check to worry about, and you keep your vehicle!

As long as you have a clear title, Mainstream Lending can lend you money (CASH!) based on your vehicles value. Remember that a vehicle can be your car, truck or SUV. We can also lend money on your Motorcycle, ATV or boat.

To start, simply fill out our easy online form and one of our friendly employees will call you right away. Or, you can give use a call at 864-489-7544 and we will be happly to help you over the phone.

They will be able to answer any questions you may have about title loans, assist you in getting your car title loan in the fastest possible time, and provide you with all the help you need during the application process.

Don’t forget to review the required title loan documents that you will need for your title loan. After that, all you have to do is bring your vehicle to Mainstream Lending for a quick vehicle inspection, and complete your loan application.


When you need an auto title loan, let Mainstream Lending help you to avoid the hassles and delays you get with other traditional lenders.

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